Customer Testimonials

"The most important thing for me was that these DVDs psychologically engaged me in the ride. For instance, because the video is shot from the riders perspective you can see you are on a hill. At times when I wanted to ease back on the pace I found myself saying "You can make it to the top" and I would keep pushing."

- From cycling blog: Lee's Life Adventure (Bedoin, France)

"First off, let me say I truly hate riding on the trainer. I will brave just about any weather element to avoid the trainer, but these really did work for me. Those challenged by the weather, whether winter or more liking in Austin mid-summer, will find these a good way to make it through."

- From Online Magazine: Austin On Two Wheels

"Something that I really liked is that each DVD has a bonus training video with stuff specific to cycling. For example there is a really cool Pilates session tailored to cyclists. That is hard to find at your local gym. And the Instructors are knowledgeable and quite good."

- From cycling blog:?CycleMania?(Ottawa, ON. Canada)

"This program went out of its way to cue excellent riding form - upper body carriage, pedal stroke, hip alignment, diaphragmatic breathing. After a particular cue was communicated, the specific film footage would shift perspectives. Whether you seek a resource to guide and complement your training, or whether you're looking for an arsenal of ways to communicate training principles to your clients, Speed and Power will surely get you there."

- From cycling blog: Spintastic Indoor Cycling

"Global Rides has managed to pack a lot of nice (and thoughtful) touches into this DVD, and it's apparent right from the menu. The last feature I really like was the inclusion of a yoga/stretching session. One thing I found helpful was how the instructor often explained how the different stretches synced up with various biking positions."

- From cycling blog: Bikeridr

I really enjoy the videos. Last year when I bought France, I looked at at least 8 different sources on the web and also at some iPad apps before I settled on yours. I bought one other DVD last year just to try  it out but I haven't been disappointed with any of yours, so keep it up. And I'm serious when I say I'd like to join you on one of the rides. I usually take one bike trip a year but I lost all my vacation when changing jobs last year. I don't get much vacation these days. 

"I've used many different training DVDs in the past but none that even came close to what Global Ride provides with their realistic feel from the excellent video footage. From every pedal stroke to hill climb, the workout was solid and exceeded my expectations. You will not be disappointed with this boxed set!"

- From cycling blog: Road Cycling Blog

I will gladly and wholeheartedly utilize a nothing and everything you offer,? as you offer the best and most groundbreaking information for indoor cycling. All the best to you, Gene and Tom!

- From Amy at Penn Bay YMCA

"In addition to the painstaking detail that the Global Ride team injected into the video production of the DVD set, they also provided after each cycling session, a 30-minute yoga, pilates, or strength training session. For those cyclists who do not cross train, these sessions are the perfect introduction into each exercise discipline."

- From cycling blog:?Triple Crankset

"Had the best time tonight...a friend of mine and I set up a spin studio in my garage(along with a tv)...we popped-in a DVD put out by Global Ride called "Hawaii Rides". I have already planned a group ride at the local community center. We plan to project the DVD onto the wall of the spin room and have a super fun group work-out."

- From cycling blog: Spinfreak

"The music was excellent! It all comes from real artists and doesn't have that canned studio sound you get with other workout DVD's."

- From cycling blog: Lee's Life Adventure (Bedoin, France)

I just have to tell you how much I loved your Sensational Cycling dvd.  So much so I wished it were twice as long AND that it continued into the hike afterward.  Would have been well worth spending more for to jump off the bike and onto the treadmill or elliptical for the hike. Thank you for making such a fun product!  I look forward to doing more of them.

"It's easy to let your mind wander when you're on a trainer staring at a wall or some TV show...but not with Global Ride. The first person perspective of climbing the cliff side roads of Maui or testing your endurance along the ocean roads below makes the ride entertaining."
- From cycling blog:?Donald's Daily Draft

"Then surprisingly, instead of sitting watching a group looking back at you, you find yourself taking part in a real ride. Sometimes you are leading the pack and sometimes following the rider in front on a genuine ride. If you want a cycling workout that will really grab your attention and get you motivated and involved, this would be a very good choice."

- From cycling blog: Cabarete Blog (Dominican Republic)

"For me the music was awesome on the PIgnone to Paradise climb. An upbeat electronic mix that kept you pushing on the pedals all the way to the top."

- From cycling blog: Ray's Racing Adventures

"Within minutes of the first disk i watched (Oceanside road) i found myself completely immersed in what was happening in front of me. I even waved at the man with the dog... lucky no one saw me... I kind of feel like i have been on a cycling holiday in Hawaii today. We rode some great roads, watched the sunset, powered up some hills, took in the stunning... i could go on and on..."

- From cycling blog:?Cycle Krazy (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)